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Psychological safety refers to the climate in a group or team in which people dare to take social risks. What does that mean? That means that you can feel at home and be yourself. That you have the courage to express your opinion. That you dare to openly discuss mistakes. That you can participate confidently in conversations. 

With our Psychological Safety products, you and your colleagues can get to work actively on Psychological Safety. For example with our most recently developed product, the Psychological Safety Dialogue Cards. This is an excellent tool to discuss, together with your team members or colleagues, how psychological safety is experienced in your organization in an informal way, based on 50 stimulating propositions.

New! The Psychological Safety Dialogue Cards


Using the Psychological Safety Dialogue Cards, you can jointly map out the psychological safety or lack of it in your team or organization. You can discuss topics in a playful manner that would otherwise be difficult to bring up. By using the red and green cards, you immediately have a first team analysis of the degree of safety.

The rules are included in the box, and you will find several creative suggestions with the cards on how to start the dialogue.